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Human Geography

This semester elective investigates patterns that intertwine human activities and the physical features of the Earth from a spatial perspective (specific locations on Earth in reference to population). Utilization of tools, such as maps, data, current events and research, enhances students’ skills that will help shape an awareness of human geography. Navigating this course, with real-time investigations in economics, social, political and cultural diversity, introduces an understanding of the global world we live in, connecting students to the relevance within their everyday lives. This course will also look into God’s word to help shape us to be good stewards of His creation for future years to come.

Elective: 2.5 credits

Prerequisite: World History I and II


This course will evaluate the field of psychology from a Christian perspective. There is much beneficial information to learn about human thought and behavior from the study of psychology. As students learn about basic theories of human behavior and the significant people who shaped those theories, they will also learn to evaluate them in light of God’s Word. Students will begin to learn why we act and think as we do and how we as Christians are created in God’s image. Students will also gain a greater understanding of how to help people who are hurting.

Elective: 2.5 credits

Prerequisite: Sophomore Senior