Middle School, Grades 6-8

Our current middle school is made up of approximately 140 energized young adults finding their way on a journey from elementary school towards high school and beyond. An experienced and dedicated Christian faculty guides that journey, encouraging our students to move towards greater independence and to take responsibility for themselves and ownership of their actions and education.

Energy and excitement fill the hallways and classrooms as we meet the challenges of understanding the unique characteristics of our students, developing strategies to best address their needs.


We offer a strong and exciting core curriculum that includes: Bible, English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The content of these courses are presented in a variety of ways so various leaning styles of students are met.

Whenever possible, hands-on activities are used to teach or supplement what is being taught. Besides these core subjects, required core two classes include Art, Physical Education, and Spanish as well as Keyboarding (6th grade-typing), Integrated Technology (7th grade), Health (8th grade).

In addition, elective classes can be selected; these include Choir, Band, Orchestra, Chapel Planning, Guided Independent Study and Study Hall.