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Middle School, Grades 6-8

Middle school is an incredible three-year journey. It is more than a bridge between elementary school and high school. It is a time for questions, challenges, and discoveries. An experienced and dedicated Christian faculty guides that journey, encouraging our students to move towards greater independence and to take responsibility for themselves and ownership of their actions and education. Energy and excitement fill the hallways and classrooms as we meet the challenges of understanding the unique characteristics of our students, developing strategies to best address their needs.

We offer a strong and exciting core curriculum that includes: Bible, English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education/Health, Art, Spanish, and Integrated Technology. The content of these courses are presented in a variety of ways so various leaning styles of students are met. Whenever possible, hands-on activities are used to teach or supplement what is being taught. Middle school students also have a variety of elective courses including Choir, Band, Orchestra, Chapel Planning, Lego Robotics, Outdoor Challenge, STEM, Guided Independent Study, and Study Hall.

In order to help students best achieve their academic goals, the middle school also offers leveled math classes, individual writing and reading goals, and the Organization Station.

Student Academic Services
In middle school, the most common need is academic support focused on organization, general study skills, assignment completion, and test preparation. Academic support is offered in small group and 1:1 settings,typically during study hall periods. Inclusion support is offered in some math classes through a co-teaching model. Additionally, some middle school classes are supported by a paraprofessional. SAS runs the Organization Station before and after school each day. Beyond these resources, some students may need specific tutoring, which is arranged privately by parents.

For more information about Student Academic Services, please see page 74 of the WCS Guidebook.


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