High School

A Premier Academic Experience

Whitinsville Christian High School is a premier academic institution of innovative learning aimed at preparing students for further education, life experience, and being a leader for positive change in the world.

WCHS is an academically challenging high school that encourages your child to explore and excel in both academic and non-academic arenas. Our sports, music, visual arts, drama, service, and special interest clubs give students many avenues to develop their whole person in a distinctly Christian way.


Project-based learning is embedded throughout our curriculum. Curriculum Levels include: AP, Honors, and College-Prep. Available Degree Tracks include Fine Arts and STEM.


At WCS we know that no two children learn, perceive, or behave in the same way. It is our job to understand how God has designed each child, what their strengths are, and in what areas they may need extra support.


Students have numerous opportunities to develop their God-given creative gifts through fine arts courses, drama, choir, band, orchestra, and more.


WCS offers 28 sports teams across middle school, junior varsity, varsity and co-op programs.

Student Life

High School students have opportunities in many different areas of school life in order to develop the leadership and collaboration skills needed in today’s work environments.

Key Facts

» AP Courses: 9 on campus, 20+ available through Virtual High School

»  Mean SAT Scores: 597 (Reading), 605 (Math)

»  Average College Grant/Scholarship: $78,000

»  98% matriculation to college

» Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:9

Welcome to Whitinsville Christian High School!

As a parent in this fast-paced, high-tech world, you're probably wondering how to best prepare your child for the challenges of being an adult. Our mission is to help you do that.

We have created a unique high school learning environment where students and teachers participate in a cooperative venture, with the goal of fully engaging your child in learning independently and passionately, while taking ownership of their education. We do this through project-based courses, collaborations, and self-guided initiatives. 

Our students learn to manage time efficiently, nimbly navigate new technologies, and be global citizens who care about the well-being of others.



We set the academic bar high, offering college preparatory courses in ten academic areas, so that your child will be fully prepared to apply to top colleges and succeed in their future careers. We also encourage your child to explore new interests and deepen their knowledge by offering more than ninety electives, as well as Honors and Advanced Placement courses.

Another essential part of our mission is to help children become servant leaders with a rich work-life balance. Opportunities for leadership experience abound, from our mentoring program to serving on the student council. In addition, we foster the growth of every student as a child of God, encouraging them to explore their personal relationships with Christ so they can become men and women of great character who make a difference in the world.

 Our high school students are challenged every day and loved for who they are. In our Christian environment, they can grow and thrive as scholars, leaders, and servants who are prepared to be agents of change in a global community.

Tammi Gorman, Dean of Faculty and Instruction
Erin Lowery-Corkran, Ph.D., Dean of Academic Support and Administration