High School, 9-12

Whitinsville Christian High School is a four-year comprehensive program working closely with the home and church to prepare students for further education and work experiences.

WCHS is an academically challenging high school that encourages your child to also explore and excel in non-academic arenas. Our sports, music, visual arts, drama, service and special interest clubs give students many avenues to develop their whole person in a distinctively Christian way.

WCHS offers a full academic curriculum including Bible, business, computer science, English, history, math, science (biology, chemistry, and physics), social studies, art, music, physical education, honors level and Advanced Placement® courses. Opportunities to participate in additional AP® and elective classes are available through our partnership with The VHS Collaborative.

In addition to the academic requirements for graduation, high school students must participate in a service program each year. WCHS graduates are accepted to a wide range of top-level colleges and universities, both Christian and secular. More than 90% of our students go on to earn college degrees.

High School Profile 2018-2019

CEEB number:  222-392
Number of students:  189
Teacher/Student Ratio:  1:8

WCS Guidebook: Guides students and parents to understanding policies at WCS.