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Elementary School, K-5

As image-bearers of Christ, our students are given the tools and support to grow academically, socially, physically, creatively, spiritually, and personally during these formative early years.

Our caring Christian faculty creates a loving classroom atmosphere where students feel safe and supported. The faculty members are qualified professionals who regularly engage in professional development and who seek to improve their craft through diligent study of new practices and methods of teaching. Our challenging academic programs ensure students are fully prepared for the next phase of education, along with being prepared for a life of service to God and others.

Daily classes include reading, writing, math, social studies, science, and Bible. Additional classes include art, library, music, and physical education. Students in grades 3-5 also have Makerspace, Spanish, and technology classes.

Aftercare is available. The hours are from the end of the school day until 5:45 p.m. for more information, please click here.

Enrichment courses allow your child to enhance their school experience with an assortment of after-school offerings.

Student Academic Services (SAS)
Grades K-3
In early elementary grades, SAS focuses on basic skill development in reading and math through inclusion and pull out support. Inclusion support is provided by an SAS faculty member in the classroom to reinforce content being taught and to provide “extra touches” with the material for students who are struggling.For those students needing additional support, remedial reading may also be provided, typically through the Wilson reading program. For students needing more in-depth help in math, remediation and reinforcement may be provided.

Grades 4-5
In upper elementary grades, SAS intervention in reading, math, and academic support is generally delivered through 1:1 or small group pull out, though some inclusion may be scheduled. Remedial reading programs like Just Words, Seeing Stars, and Wilson are offered. Math support is also available to fill in gaps in learning and help students master skills covered in the classroom.

For more information about Student Academic Services, please see page 74 of the WCS Guidebook.


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