We believe a child’s early years should be a positive, wonder-filled time of learning about God, His love for us, and the world He made for us to enjoy. We strive to create an environment of fun, warmth, security, and discovery.

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development of the child in a calm, fun, relaxed atmosphere of Christian nurturing.

We believe that your child is a gift from God, a treasure to be guarded and cultivated which requires the heart and soul of excellent Christian teachers.


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Dedicated Staff

Our teachers are dedicated to helping your child flourish in their first years of school. Our hope and prayer is that our dedication to academic excellence, adherence to biblical truth, and devotion to your child’s nurturing will benefit your family and community as well as the ultimate goal of pleasing God and bringing Him glory.

Small Preschool with Large School Resources

Our classes are purposefully small, but our offerings and resources are immense! At age 3, your child is old enough to participate in our Strings Program learning Pre-Twinkle Violin, Viola, or Cello. In addition, we offer Specials such as Library, Art, and PE. We also participate in schoolwide activities and fundraisers, ensuring our preschool students and families are an integral part of the larger WCS family.

Classrooms and Campus

Our large, comfortable classrooms are the ideal place to learn, with fixtures that are perfectly placed for preschoolers. WCS is committed to the safety of all students on our campus, from the playground to the classroom, and all spaces in between.

Our Impact

As a Christian preschool, our goal is to provide our students with the opportunity to explore God’s wide world one step at a time. We support the whole child so they are well prepared for kindergarten.

What do parents have to say?


The director and teachers are so supportive and welcoming. My son stayed at WCS Preschool for two years and loved it. A few years later, when it was time to enroll my daughter I didn’t consider any other alternatives. My daughter already knew all of the teachers just from having been there when we dropped off and picked up or son years before. what most impressed me was when my daughter and I went in just to have a quick look around and re-introduce her to the teachers in the spring prior to her enrollment. They took her right into the class in session and allowed her to participate in most of their day. That was so great, and way beyond what I had expected. Preschool also has several “special days” during the year when parents are invited into the classroom. I love having the opportunity to see what goes on and how my children interact with the other students! WCS Preschool has always been and will always be the only choice for me.

Michelle Morrissey

I looked at several preschools for my son–some local, some not so local. WCS was the only one that offered the program, class size, and tuition I was looking for.


WCS Preschool has been a delight for my family. My second daughter began attending the 4 year old class last year and was extremely well prepared for her full-day kindergarten experience this year at WCS.  She loved preschool and thrived on the academic challenges and social interactions…The children are taught to be polite, respectful, and caring to their peers and teachers. They are also encouraged to care for others in the larger community through Thanksgiving Baskets and Christmas Gifts for those in need.  WCS Preschool is a blessing to our family!”


Becky Vanden Akker

So after this first visit, the decision was made…


And then there is the staff-very warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. What impressed us the most, is the longevity of years they have been at WCS. It obviously speaks volumes to their dedication to not only teaching children, but to this program.


The WCS Preschool philosophy we learned at this visit, promotes responsibility, individuality, creativity, socialization, and fosters independence. All this while being underscored with the principles of Christian values.


Every morning my daughter asks if she is going to preschool. When I bring her in the morning, she is smiling and skipping across the parking lot. When I pick her up, she is still smiling and skipping back to our car. This to me is the very best endorsement for WCS Preschool – a 100% happy, well-adjusted preschooler!

Brenda Lucil

WOW! The classroom is such a great space: bright, colorful and inviting for small children. An awesome place for learning and playing.