Math League

This competition gives promising math students an opportunity to sharpen their skills and compete with other similarly-talented students throughout the region.

Advisor: Wendy Groot

Eligibility: Open to all juniors and seniors; freshmen and sophomores by recommendation of the Math Department.

Meetings: The Math League Tests are a series of six tests given one month apart during the school year. The top five scores are sent to the Math league and comprise the school’s score. A certificate and plaque are awarded to the student with the top total score for the year.

National Honor Society

The main purpose of the National Honor Society is to recognize and honor students who have met the four requirements of membership; however, our chapter also strives to participate in one or more service activities each year.

Advisor: Lillian Christy

How to join: Selection of National Honor Society members is based on four criteria: academics, service, character, and leadership. Academically eligible candidates (sophomores, juniors, or seniors with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.7) will be invited to submit a portfolio highlighting their service and leadership activities. The portfolio should also include letters of recommendation regarding their character. Once the portfolios are received, a faculty council will convene to consider and vote into membership those students meeting the four qualifications.

Students are advised that neither their GPA nor their submission of a portfolio is a guarantee of acceptance. According to the National Honor Society Constitution, only students who have been in the school for at least one semester may be considered for membership.

Meetings: Meetings are as needed (usually four or five times a year) and are generally held during lunch. Attendance is required.

Creative Writing Club

Creative Writing Club is a student-led, faculty advised group that meets one to three times a month to create and share new and ongoing work. Our mission is to create a welcoming space for students who love the written word where we can experiment, share, and collaborate in the creative process. 


DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. WCS students have performed at high levels at District and State competitions. 

MS Math Olympiad

Math Olympiad is an international program designed for students who enjoy math and want to be challenged to a new level of excellence. The goals of Math Olympiad are to stimulate enthusiasm for math, introduce new concepts, and foster mathematical creativity.

There are five monthly contests provided by the International Math Olympiad Organization. The number of correctly answered challenges on each test allow students to earn individual and team points. During a middle school assembly at the end of the school year, each participant is recognized for their team contribution and the highest scoring team members are honored.

For more information regarding the Math Olympiad program please visit their website: http://www.moems.org/ 

Adviser: Samantha Cook

Eligibility: Middle school students – grades 6-8; High school students help officiate

How to join: Registration is in late September/early October. A letter of explanation and signup forms is sent to middle school parents & students, as well as posted in the newsletter.

Meetings: “Mathletes” generally meet once a week after school (3:00-4:00 p.m.), October through March. Attending the weekly practice sessions is very important. These sessions will focus on learning, working with other team members, and improving problem-solving skills.

Book Club
Rhetorical Society
Middle School Debate Club