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We use the Reader’s Workshop method of instruction based on Lucy Calkins’ Units of Study.  Each lesson starts with a mini-lesson teaching a reading strategy or comprehension tool.  Students then engage in independent reading with books at their reading level, while the teacher conferences individually and in small groups.  Students also do written responses to the books they are reading, often incorporating the skill taught in the mini-lesson.  The lesson ends with a sharing time.

Grades K-1 use Fundations phonics curriculum to make sure a strong phonics foundation is put in place. This will be implemented in Grade 2 starting 2017-2018.

Students are given the STAR Reading Assessment monthly to determine reading level, along with strengths and areas for improvement. K/1 students are assessed using the DRA (Developmental Reading Assessment) to determine beginning reading levels.

The Benchmark Writer’s Workshop curriculum is used in each K-5 classroom.  Each grade level focuses on 4-5 writing genres (personal narrative, persuasive essay, non-fiction report, etc.) The students develop their writing in these genres, ending with a polished piece for each one.  Students are also given time to “free write” and explore their own personal writing styles.

We use the Houghton Mifflin math curriculum, along with an emphasis on learning grade appropriate math facts. Grade 5 uses GO Math!  Students are given the STAR Math Assessment quarterly to track progress.

Social Studies
Each grade level teaches a variety of units related to our community, Geography,  and US History..

We use a combination of Delta Science Modules (which are hands-on, inquiry based learning), along with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) units.  Each grade level also does a unit on the human body and its various systems.

We use the CSI curriculum, Walking with God and His People, which takes the students through the Old Testament and New Testament, with stories and application. Scripture is also memorized at each grade level.

Grades K-4 use the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum with cursive introduced at the end of 2nd grade.

Open Circle
We use Open Circle for a social/emotional learning program.  This involves weekly sessions where various topics are introduced and discussed, such as how to handle confrontation, dealing with annoying behaviors, etc. We are also implementing portions of Social Thinking curriculum to help our students learn strategies for self-regulation.

Students in Grades 3-5 have weekly Computer Science classes using the curriculum.  They also learn how to navigate the internet safely.  Three times a week the students use Typing Club to work their way through comprehensive, scaffolded keyboarding lessons.

Students in Grades 3-5 have weekly Spanish classes, focused on conversation, vocabulary, and culture.

Students engage in weekly art, music and library classes, along with bi-weekly PE classes.

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