Support WCS

Your support for each office of advancement appeal sustains our ability to provide the WCS mission to our students and families!

“They all have to go together. They are all interconnected for how you support and show your loyalty to the school. It’s all about your loyalty.”

WCS Alumnus, Parent, Grandparent, and Donor

Three legs are required to support a stool. The stronger the legs, the stronger the stool. How do we strengthen our God-centered, student focused tradition at WCS? With the community supporting all three legs.

First Leg: Complete the Rise Up & Build Campaign
We are rounding mile 24 of our successful and swiftly run Rise Up & Build Campaign! We have raised over 95% of our goal of $18.5M, with less than $900,000 left to complete our campaign goal. Gifts given to complete our campaign have important benefits, short and long term.

Fully achieving our campaign goal is important because of the enhanced programs that are supported as a result: performing arts, athletics, STEM classes, robotics – all have the potential to excel to new heights. This exciting connection of program and facility then increases our ability to recruit and retain students, increasing our enrollment. A campaign gift today helps us to complete this race, and stay competitive for the next one. See also our Have a Seat Campaign.

Second Leg: The Annual Loyalty Fund
The Annual Loyalty Fund provides valuable support for our tuition assistance program at WCS. It is the only fund that helps us retain students with financial need. WCS families often thoughtfully and prayerfully choose to make a financial sacrifice for their children to attend WCS, but sometimes the cost of attendance exceeds even the deepest sacrifices a family can make, forcing them to leave. Other families never venture through our doors, even though they see WCS as a great fit for their children spiritually and academically, because the cost of tuition appears as an insurmountable obstacle.

As part of our Rise Up & Build Campaign, we have come to understand that our school will function best with over 650 students. We need more new families and students to experience WCS, and then to tell others. That will require increased availability of tuition assistance that helps us keep our current students and recruit new ones.

Third Leg: WCS Endowment
Gifts given to the WCS Endowment have long lasting positive benefits across the generations. The WCS Endowment holds its principal in perpetuity and pays out a portion, 5 percent per year, to pay for school operations and programs. Endowment growth over time is possible because additional investment income becomes part of the endowed principal that is then reinvested. Growth of the endowment means growth for all school programs and operations – in perpetuity. This is especially important as our program and operations costs increase with our new space.

Planned giving is a great way to magnify legacy and endowment giving even more. Bequest intentions and life income gifts (such as a Charitable Annuity Trust or a whole life insurance policy) are the most common types of planned giving. Want to learn more? WCS is a member of Barnabas Foundation, an organization that provides guidance and assistance to Christians to help them grow in their understanding of Biblical stewardship. Our membership makes the services of their attorneys and accountants available to you at no cost in the areas of estate planning and designing charitable gifts in the most tax-efficient manner.

There is no better feeling than knowing you are ensuring the school’s mission far into the future. When you indicate your intention to support the school in this way, you immediately become an honored member of the Cornerstone Society. Supporting each of these legs keeps the unique Whitinsville Christian School tradition strong, vibrant, and long-lasting.

To learn more about how your gift impacts the lives of our students, contact Adam Meyer, Director of Advancement at or call (508) 234-8211 ext. 3261