Tuition Reduction Incentive Program -T.R.I.P.

What Is TRIP?
TRIP is a term that means “substitute money.” When you participate in TRIP (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program), you’re purchasing gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash. You can use TRIP to pay for everyday expenses like food, clothing, and other essentials, and with every purchase, you earn tuition credits for your family!

How TRIP generates revenue for you…
WCS purchases gift cards from grocery stores, department stores, and other retailers either directly or from suppliers.  Because the gift cards are purchased with cash up front, the participating retailers offer a substantial discount. Families in turn, purchase the gift cards through WCS, paying face value.  The difference between the face value and the discounted cost (from 2-18%) is credited to your tuition account to help reduce the cost of your family’s tuition.  Families, grandparents, friends and neighbors are all welcome to participate in TRIP!

TRIP is “shopping cart fundraising” – 
One great feature about TRIP is that it’s like personal fundraising without having to sell or buy anything extra!  Groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, gasoline and even dinners out can be purchased with TRIP.  Families earn tuition profits by making regular household purchases that you would make anyway!   Find Out More! Go to www.shopwithscrip.com for a complete listing of current retailers and their discounts.  To get started placing orders, stop by the Elementary Office or email trip@whitinsvillechristian.org.  Then put your shopping dollars to work and start reducing the cost of your child’s education at Whitinsville Christian School!

Note:  TRIP is offered to promote the education of students at Whitinsville Christian School.  Therefore, the money earned in your TRIP account will only be paid to WCS for tuition reduction.  If your child(ren) no longer attends WCS, you may apply the credit to the balance of your tuition account, to another family’s account or to the WCS Tuition Assistance Fund.