Ice Hockey – Boys Varsity Co-op

Team Detail Page

Head Coach

Mike MacQuarrie

Assistant Coach

Mike Snyder

Whitinsville Christian School offers a co-op ice hockey program in conjunction with Hopedale High School (Hopedale-Millis). The team consists of players from Douglas, Hopedale, Milford, Millis and WCS. Contact Athletic Director Kurt Savage at (774) 477-0550 for more information on the co-op hockey program. 


Date Time  Opponent Location
01-20-21  5:30PM  St. Bernard’s High School  Blackstone Valley Ice Arena
01-23-21  5:30PM  Away vs. St. Bernard’s High School  St. Bernard’s Central Catholic High School
01-30-21  5:40PM  Away vs. Northbridge  Northbridge High School
02-03-21  7:30PM  Northbridge  Blackstone Valley Ice Arena
02-06-21  3:40PM  Away vs. Northbridge  Northbridge High School
02-08-21  6:30PM  Grafton  Grafton Memorial High School
02-10-21  5:00PM  Away vs. Burncoat  Burncoat High School
02-13-21  5:00PM  Grafton  Blackstone Valley Ice Arena
02-15-21  2:00PM  Away vs. Grafton  Grafton Memorial High School


# Name Grade School
2 Ryan Auger Jr. Hopedale
10 Max Chapman Soph. Douglas
13 Brady Butler Soph. Milford
62 Johnny Clayton Jr. Millis
9 Jake Frohn Soph. Hopedale
17 Cam Gibbons Jr. Whitinsville Christian
4 Nate Reneau Sr. Douglas
8 Eric Landry Jr. Milford
6 Matt Girard Jr. Milford
16 Joey Mahoney Soph. Milford
5 Brody Goding Jr. Hopedale
19 Michael Govoni Sr. Millis
60 Robert Perkins Sr. Millis
3 Will Piett Jr. Whitinsville Christian
18 Tyler Lane Jr. Milford
64 Matt Carroll Fr. Hopedale
11 Hunter Dunn Sr. Douglas
15 Cam Collins Jr. Milford
12 Sean McGee Fr. Milford
1 John Tomaso Jr. Milford
31 Nick Kannally Jr. Douglas


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