Lunch Menu for week of December 10

Monday – Domino’s pepperoni pizza (GF option available – must order prior to 8:30 Monday morning), salad, fresh fruit salad, freshly-baked gingerbread cookie

Tuesday – Cheese quesadillas (w/sour cream & salsa), mexican rice, pineapple chunks, Italian ice tubes  

Wednesday –  Make Your Own Salad Bar (GF friendly)

Thursday – Burgers (cheese or plain) (GF friendly), carrots w/ranch dressing, assorted fruit cups, chips, ice cream    

Friday – Breakfast for Lunch: waffles w/syrup, whipped cream and/or strawberries, sausages, mandarin oranges, assorted yogurts  

Salad/Salad Bar Advisory – Please note that our food suppliers are aware of the recent concerns regarding romaine lettuce and are in compliance with all recalls and supply restrictions.  As such, we are not currently offering romaine lettuce as part of our salad bar and will only resume serving it when supplies have been deemed safe and are reasonably available to purchase.  (Anyone who has visited a grocery store this week will understand!)  This means that although salad may be offered as a side, the menu for any particular day is subject to change.  Thank you for your understanding and confidence in our serving your child(ren) lunch.

Allergen advisory:  WCS lunches are prepared in our kitchen with the risk of gluten exposure.  Every effort will be made to keep gluten free foods separate from those containing gluten, however, if you or your child has celiac disease, please exercise your own judgment as to whether or not your child should be buying school lunch.

Lunch Program Info

A five-day-a-week lunch program is available during the school year, usually beginning a few weeks after the first day of school and ending a week or two before the last day of school.

Students have a lunch account which can be funded by cash or check accompanied by the lunch deposit form, or funded online via Renweb – Family Information – Family Billing. There is a nominal convenience fee to use online payments.

Students sign up for lunch each morning, and the cost is deducted from this account.

A lunch calendar is published weekly in Renweb and on the WCS website.

The lunch program is optional, and a student may bring his or her own lunch on any day. Students eat lunch in their classrooms, rather than in a cafeteria.