Dear WCS Families, Faculty, and Staff,

As you have seen in the news, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve quickly in terms of cases, as well as health and safety guidelines. The WCS Response Task Force is constantly monitoring data, and is in close contact with the local Board of Health, as well as the Massachusetts Department of Health and the Division of Epidemiology and Immunization.

We want to share this important video reminder from our Head of School, Rick Lukianuk, that God is in control and His frequent reminder to us is, “Do not be afraid.”

WCS will be providing weekly health updates that will include numbers of confirmed cases, as well as new information regarding students in quarantine.

WCS is currently aware of six positive cases involving our students and staff. These are all related to the original reported cases in Aftercare and first grade. No new sources of infection have been identified. We also have 85 students in quarantine. It is important to note that some students are in quarantine due to close contacts outside of school.

K-5 Aftercare will remain closed and will not reopen prior to December 1, at which time we will review the situation. Preschool aftercare remains open.

WCS will also be updating our Health, Safety, & Wellness Plan with several items:

  • In agreement with local BOH and CDC guidelines, we will continue to require a full 14 days of quarantine for anyone who is identified as a close contact to a known positive individual, whether this occurs inside or outside of school. A full 14 days will be completed, even if the close contact tests negative before 14 days.

  • To ensure safety of all, and not miss any potential cases, if your student is defined as a close contact to a positive case, his or her WCS sibling will need to stay out of school until the close contact tests negative, or the sibling tests negative 5-7 days from last contact. This applies to children of WCS staff members who are students at WCS as well. The close contact students, as well as the siblings, will be eligible for remote learning during that quarantine time.

  • After weeks of experience with gaiters, we have determined that they are more subject to misuse than simple masks. Therefore, if worn, all gaiters must fit properly, not fall off, and consist of at least a double layer of material.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Please continue to keep this situation in your prayers and find comfort in God’s words. “Do not be afraid.”

In Christ,

The Response Task Force