Baird Lashley, Director of Whitinsville Christian School Bands and Choirs, has been voted by the Executive Board of CD-MMEA to be the next Senior Festival Chairperson, effective July 1, 2024. Lashley is currently serving as the Senior Festival Concert Band Manager. He will serve as Assistant Chairperson for one year under Chairperson, Craig Robbins, in preparation to begin serving in the summer of 2024.

The CD-MMEA, through Massachusetts Music Educators’ Association, seeks to support comprehensive, quality music education for all students, through advocacy, professional development, and a commitment to lifelong learning. The Association encourages music activities among the schools of the Commonwealth by means of festivals, clinics, and other related events. The first CD-MMEA Senior Festival was held in 1955.

As Festival Chairperson, Lashley will be responsible for overseeing the festival’s programs, recruiting conductors, and managing rehearsals. “I’m honored to be chosen as the next Chair,” said Baird. “As someone who is relatively new to the role of ‘music educator,’ I appreciate how welcoming and encouraging the members of the Association have been.” Lashley has served as Band Manager and Assistant Band Manager of CDMMEA for the past four years.

“My goal in joining the Association was to get involved and learn more about the audition process to help our students at Whitinsville Christian. There are 120 schools in the Central District. It’s a challenging process in which few audition, and even fewer are selected. I look forward to finding new ways for the Board to celebrate these talented students.”