Dear WCS Community,

After much thoughtful consideration, the Readiness Task Force has determined that the specific health and personal safety guidelines outlined by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), along with information from the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP), and the medical professionals in our own community, provide the best balance of individual safety and school building management given the currently available information. We have attached the DESE memo for your information.

Regarding the upcoming school year:

  • WCS is planning to open with a 5 full day per week schedule.

  • New cleaning procedures include a new disinfectant-spraying machine and more frequent wipe-downs of high-touch surfaces.

  • Everyone will be encouraged to wash hands frequently.

  • Faculty members will wear masks with clear openings to better allow students to view their mouths, whether to assist in phonics or to allow for a better understanding of facial expressions.

We are still developing our protocols regarding students and masks. As our mission states, we are in partnership with you as parents and guardians and we value your input. Please take a moment to complete this very brief survey regarding masks. The survey deadline is Tuesday, July 7The Survey is now closed. 

Please know WCS is committed to developing guidelines that provide the safest of learning environments for not only our students, but also our faculty and staff, while maintaining the highest possible level of academic excellence.

Additional areas the Readiness Task Force will address include: drop off/pick up procedures, use of spaces in addition to classrooms, and use of restrooms. We will also develop a response protocol in the event a student or staff member becomes ill. These will all be compiled and forwarded to all staff and families by July 31st. We will review all the protocols with staff and provide them with training during our Professional Development days prior to the start of the school year.

Please also be aware that these plans are based upon the information available at the current time. As we learn more about the virus, best practices will almost certainly evolve. Changes in infection rates are bound to occur over the remainder of the summer. We will follow the information closely; all with the goal of opening the school year on time and with a full 5-day per week schedule.

Despite all of the time and effort that will continue to be spent on these responses and protocols, it is our fervent hope and prayer that they will not be needed for very long. Whether it is a significant lessening of infection rates, more knowledge and better treatments, or the development of an effective vaccine, we fully expect that this will be a season in the life of WCS, rather than a new, indefinite model for school.

In these times of uncertainty, we know we lean on our God who is sovereign, is the same yesterday, today and forever. As a community of believers, we know He is our Refuge, our Rock and our firm anchor in times of trouble.

The WCS Readiness Task Force

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