Middle School


WCMS highly values learning through the arts. Students are required to take art and some form of music while in Middle School. These opportunities give students an avenue to use both sides of their rapidly developing brains. Education within the arts allows students concrete problem solving experiences as well as a clear understanding of God as Creator. The arts allow students to understand themselves as being made in the image of Creator God. All of God’s world points to an amazingly creative God whether heard in the singing of birds or the roar of the ocean, or seen in the variety of flowers and human faces, our students will learn, recognize and utilize God-given creative gifts found in each and every person.


Choral – Choir in grades 6-8 is an elective. Various music styles are learned and performed. The MS Choir takes part in the Christmas Concert in December and the Choral Finale concert in late May. In the past 4 years, over 20 students from WCS’ choral program have been selected to the Central Massachusetts District Choir.

Band – Grade 6 students may join a Beginning Band, which is designed for students who have not yet been taught an instrument. Students in grades 6-8 who have at least one year’s experience playing a band instrument may select to join the Middle School Band.

Strings – Strings lessons for violin, viola, cello and bass are provided at the school for an additional cost. Those students are selected to play in an orchestra.  Visit our strings page for more information.

Visual Arts

Art is required of all students in grades 6-8. Media including watercolors and pastels, charcoal, ceramics, clay, and wire are used. A variety of art and design disciplines and art history are introduced.