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Students at Whitinsville Christian School are encouraged to develop their physical gifts through a wide variety of competitive athletic opportunities. We believe that every aspect of life, including physical expression through athletics matters to God. Godly men and women serving as our coaches challenge our student-athletes to use their God-given athletic gifts while teaching them the value of teamwork, commitment, dedication, perseverance, and leadership.

In an effort to accommodate students of varying skill levels, Whitinsville Christian offers teams at the Varsity, JV, and Middle School levels. Over 60% of our Middle and High School student body participates in one or more seasons of athletics. The JV and Middle School level teams emphasize participation and development. Varsity teams place a higher emphasis on competition and qualifying for state and league tournaments.

Whitinsville Christian is a proud member of the Dual Valley Conference. The DVC promotes sportsmanship and superior competition.



Brady Bajema, M.Ed, Athletic Director

 Michelle Graves, Administrative Assistant

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