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Virtual Learning at WCS

At Whitinsville Christian, we remain dedicated to providing students with an exceptional academic experience. Our Virtual Learning is delivering comprehensive lesson plans and interactive faculty-student experiences, all while ensuring that we remain focused on the values and mission that define Whitinsville Christian School.

What do our Families Say?

‘I am in awe of all the work everyone on the team is doing to make online learning successful. This is what I love about WCS! The support, the people, the nurturing, the sincere concern, and the commitment to all of the students.’

‘We are so impressed with how smoothly this transition has gone from 100% physical school to 100% virtual school the day we returned from spring break! Keep up the amazing job tech team, teachers, and administration!’

91% of parents say WCS has planned and executed Virtual Learning well.

89% of parents agree teachers are accessible during Virtual Learning.

Less than 3% of parents say WCS could do more to enhance the Virtual Learning experience.

Results of parent survey from 3/27/20

Virtual Learning at WCS includes:

Preschool and Elementary

  • At-home learning packets
  • Morning meeting videos from teachers with devotions and prayer
  • All of the day’s lessons in one easy-to-follow document
  • Live class get-togethers and read-alongs
  • Tech Free Wednesdays (during a full week of school)

Middle School

  • Daily devotions from the principal
  • Same class schedule as on campus
  • Live classes and Book Groups
  • Team activities
  • New elective options

High School

  • Same class schedule as on campus
  • Live meetings with Guidance and the
  • Appropriate adjustments for AP courses
  • A mix of live classes and online learning
  • Available tutoring
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