A Typical Visit

8:30 – Meet in classroom 119. Play a little during free play time. 

8:45 – Go on a tour of the preschool and building! See where we go to Gym, Library, and where we get HOT LUNCH! Water the gardens and see the playground too!

9:15 – Back to the classroom to see Circle Time or experience one of the Specials (Music, Library, Gym, Bible, Cooking)

9:30 – Back to the Elementary Office to say goodbye to Mrs. Lefrancois and Mrs. Bajema!



Welcome to the 2019-20 Enrollment Season! Enrollment packets will be available February 1st. Please stop by the office or call Dawn and Pam to have a packet mailed to you (508) 234-8211 x 3246.

We welcome visitors to our classroom! Please call the Elementary Office to schedule a time to come in to speak with our director, meet teachers, and allow your little ones to explore the classroom!

Beginning in January, we make appointments for visitors on a more regular basis.  Parents interested in the 3 Year-Old Class are encouraged to come on Tuesdays or Thursdays while 4 Year-Old prospective students typically come on a Monday/Wednesday/ or Friday. Please call the office to schedule your family’s visit at 508-234-8211 X3246.



A non-refundable application fee ($50 before 3/15, $75 after) is required at the time of enrollment. The additional non-refundable fee of $100 – also due at enrollment time – is applied toward the first month’s tuition. After March 15th, the deposit increases to $175.

Tuition is due by the 15th of each month in nine equal installments; September through May. A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed monthly on accounts that are past due. Please see sidebar for tuition rates for the 2019-2020 school year.

A discount of 2% of the Family Tuition Total will be given if full payment is received by August 9, 2019.


2019-2020 RATES


  • 3 Year Old (Tuesday/Thursday)
    $230 x 9 Months = $2,070
  • 4 Year Old (Mon/Wed/Fri)
    $310 x 9 Months = $2,790


  • 3 Year Old (Tuesday/Thursday)
    $390 x 9 Months = $3,510
  • 3 Year Old (Mon/Wed/Fri)
    $550 x 9 Months = $4,950
  • 3 Year Old (Monday-Friday)
    $840 x 9 Months = $7,560
  • 4 Year Old (Mon/Wed/Fri)
    $550 x 9 Months = $4,950
  • 4 Year Old (Monday-Friday)
    $840 x  9 Months = $7,560


Sign up for any day you or your child would like to stay a full day at only $25.00 per day.

See “Our Programs” tab for additional information on what these programs entail.