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We believe a child’s early years should be a positive, wonder-filled time of learning about God, His love for us, and the world He made for us to enjoy. We strive to create an environment of fun, warmth, security, and discovery.

Our mission is to provide an atmosphere that encourages social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development of the child in a calm, fun, relaxed atmosphere of Christian nurturing.

We believe that your child is a gift from God, a treasure to be guarded and cultivated which requires the heart and soul of excellent Christian teachers.



As a Christian preschool, our goal is to provide our students with the opportunity to explore God’s wide world one step at a time. We support the whole child so they are well prepared for kindergarten.

What do parents have to say?
“Every morning my daughter asks if she is going to preschool. When I bring her in the morning, she is smiling and skipping across the parking lot. When I pick her up, she is still smiling and skipping back to our car. This to me is the very best endorsement for Stepping Stone–a 100% happy, well-adjusted preschooler!”

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