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Virtual High School

Online Elective Courses: Good Practice for College-Style Learning!

A one-semester of online learning is a requirement at WCHS.  Students can participate in Virtual High School Course or a Dual Enrollment Program through Gordon College or Cedarville University.

About Virtual High School
VHS is computer-based coursework for 9-12 graders, for full WCS credit, using self-paced learning within the framework of a week-to-week schedule. Courses are taught by trained and evaluated subject-certified teachers from the state, region, and nation–even across the world. WCS is a member of a consortium of schools across the country and the world offering a broad curriculum of online courses through The Virtual High School, headquartered in Maynard, MA.

VHS gives students the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of courses not offered at WCS. They can explore subject areas they are interested in, selecting from a full catalog of semester-length and full-year courses including elective standard, advanced placement (AP) and honors level courses. Please keep in mind that a student may not take a course of the identical subject and academic level (i.e. honors, AP, or standard) currently offered at WCHS.

How does it work?
VHS courses are taught using Desire2Learn®, a web-based learning platform. Desire2Learn® allows instructors to build and manage course content; administer tests, quizzes and assignments; report grades and deliver individual feedback to students; and provide an environment for students to study, collaborate and interact.

With VHS, students can “go to class” wherever and whenever they have internet access, be it at school, at home, or even at a bookstore or coffee shop! Because classes and lectures are not synchronous (held or delivered at any set time with all class members together), VHS work can be done at a time convenient to the individual student, offering great scheduling flexibility. A VHS school week runs on a Wednesday to Tuesday schedule. At WCHS, most VHS students use a study hall to work on their VHS course; however, they are not required to do so. They may choose to do all of their VHS class work outside of school hours. Although VHS students work independently, WCS Guidance monitors grades bi-weekly.

Which courses are available?
For a complete listing of courses offered through VHS, click here.

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