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AP & Honors Courses

WCS has a long-standing tradition of offering outstanding and rigorous academic classes. In light of this commitment, WCS offers a wide variety of AP and Honors level courses. In some cases, our honors classes are components of an already existing class and in other cases they are a separate class.

AP and Honors classes are intended to challenge students with material that is beyond the curriculum, as well as prepare them for higher level learning. AP work receives an increased GPA weighting of 0.5. Honors work receives an increased GPA weighting of 0.3. Summer work is required for all 1st semester AP, Honors, and Honors Component classes and is linked or codes/instructions below.

AP Courses
AP European History – Instructions and Ch 12 Quiz      What Was Revolutionary…
AP Music Theory – Pick up textbook and assignment in office
AP Physics – not available 2019-2020
Honors Courses
Biology – Google Classroom code is ump5t0  (the last digit is a zero, not the letter O)
Chemistry – Google Classroom code is e3equrm
English 9 – Google Classroom code is ov7nrz3
Spanish 1 – Google Classroom code is s6jbf
Spanish 2 – Google Classroom code is 8y5au6x
Honors Component Courses
Spanish 3 – Google Classroom code is jrtxal
Spanish 4 – Google Classroom code is qs9ozvt
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